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Nadja Soliman

Nadja Soliman

Nearshore Recruiter – TP Crete

sve.png Senior Recruiter, Crete 

4 years ago was when I started my new journey, and got the opportunity to see the world through new eyes. 


I started as a customer service representative at Teleperformance Crete when we opened in October 2016, and since then my tentacles has been attached to TP and Crete. I've been through all the phases that everyone will go through once in their lifetime when moving abroad - the homesickness, the "I'm the king of the world"-feeling, the " I'll never move home", etc. I've got the chance to meet new people, new friends and family, new culture, music and the lovely FOOD. I'm glad that I followed my dream, because we all should do that. 

If you ask me about Crete, I would say it's an Island where your heart will be attached forever. 


Something you might didn't know about me: I'm sooo crazy about Christmas. 

This is literally me in October when I realize it's about 10 
weeks left until Christmas:

The day after Halloween: 






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