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Sebastian Carlsson

Sebastian Carlsson

Supervisor – TP Crete


Today I work as a supervisor and I enjoy it really much!
I started working here in november last year and I don't regret for one second that I took the step.

I've thought about moving abroad for many years since I've always been out travelling and have always told myself " think about those living here everyday, what a dream!". Then I just decided, that I wanted to be one of them. 

I would recommend this to those that are tired of living a regular life and like to meet new people - some will be your friends for life and you will experience alot of fun things since it's like 1 million things to see and do! I never get bored here. 

The most rewarding for me with moving abroad and work has been that I've grown much as a person since I got out of my comfort zone and left all the safeness in Sweden for a forgein country. I've got the honor in my job to work with so many talanted people and it is really rewarding working with TP since they work hard for the employees to always have fun at work. In terms of work, it is that I have had the honor of working with so many incredibly talented people so I am constantly evolving. It is also very rewarding to work here as TP works hard so that you can actually have fun at work as well. 


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