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Jessica Jansson

Jessica Jansson

Administrative Assistant – TP Crete

sve.png Administrative Assistant 


Today I work as an Administrative Assistant in the HR department and I have lived on Crete for 2.5 years. The reason why I chose to move abroad was mostly because I felt I needed to try something that was outside my comfort zone. I wanted to see the world and above all build on my experiences for the future. Everyone had always told me that the perfect opportunity to develop both personally and in my career is by taking a job abroad - and everyone was really right! You learn to see experiences, the job and opportunities from a completely different point of view. I would recommend this experience to anyone who feels like the courage it takes to challenge themselves and who wants to see what they are made of in a whole new way. Moving abroad is really a big step and once you decide to do it, you start a wonderful and rewarding personal journey that you hardly thought was possible before.


What has been most rewarding with moving abroad to work? The absolute most rewarding thing about moving abroad and working has been and will continue to be the personal development it contributes to. Meeting many new people you create relationships with, seeing and experiencing the island and constantly having the opportunity for development within the job does so much for your personal development. It's really amazing how much I have learned about myself during these years, all thanks to the fact that I dared to take that step 2.5 years ago


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